1001 Albums you "must" hear before you die (?)

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Center-aligned Spotify Play Button

You can easily align your SPB on the middle of the page, using tables. In the table tag, set align to "center".



Caterpillar in a Storm

Follow link instead of Follow button

How to create a Follow link insted of a Follow button:

1. Go to the Spotify Developer site, create a Follow button with the desired layout.

2. Copy the following part of the URL onto your clipboard. Here are examples with light themes;

Following a user:;%20overflow:hidden;%22%20allowtransparency=%22true%22

Following an artist:;%20overflow:hidden;%22%20allowtransparency=%22true%22

3. In the URL, exchange "name" for the username of either the user or the artist that you want to follow. For myself, I would do it like this:;%20overflow:hidden;%22%20allowtransparency=%22true%22

4. On your website or blog, insert the link in an <a> tag, as you usually would create a link. 
In html, it would look like so:

<a href=";size=detail&amp;theme=light%22%20width=%22300%22%20height=%2256%22%20scrolling=%22no%22%20frameborder=%220%22%20style=%22border:none;%20overflow:hidden;%22%20allowtransparency=%22true%22" target="_blank">Follow me on Spotify!</a>

5. And the published result; a clickable link to your own Follow page:
Follow me on Spotify!



More Combichrist play button options

Three handpicked tracks

My favourite track

Top tracks

A fan playlist

Earliest album available

A Combichrist album I missed last year

Looks like I missed the fact that one of my favourite artists released a new album last year. Must remedy this! Also, the Spotify Playbutton has a bit more fresh feel to it now. :)